Thursday, January 30, 2014

Better than Grumpy Cat—Waiting for spring at Lester's Flat!

I am fully recovered from my ugly flu, and getting back to being a non-grumpy person. A lot has been going on here at Lester's Flat that I haven't been able to share with the general public.

The Husband resigned from his bank job and has had these 2 weeks off (to take care of sick and grumpy wifey!). He starts Monday with a local non-profit. It's much closer to home and less stress, leaving more time for his farming (ad)ventures.

Those farm animals have been braving below zero temperatures combined with lots of wind and snow. The 3 little piggies are not so little anymore, and they're getting a little crazy in the cold. We had to zip-tie a piece of metal bedframe to the pig fence at about 8 pm one night when the 3 of them decided that they wanted to go out on the town. They were biting at my hands and head-butting the wimpy wire fence the whole time that we were out there, freezing, working to keep them where they belong. What does one do if the pigs escape?  I hope we never find out! I can't even imagine trying to convince a few 200-lb animals to come back to their not-so-cozy home...

Our 2 pregnant female goats, and their buddy Jacko, don't seem to mind the cold so much with their nice winter coats. Kids expected in early March!

Chickens and ducks are impatiently waiting for the thaw. Most of the chickens have frostbite on their combs, which looks painful. All have stopped laying eggs, except for one frozen chicken egg today—the first sign of spring!

And finally I have started putting together some artwork to sell in the little gallery in town. The Old Blacksmith Shop Gallery in Schuyler Lake was exactly that—an old building beautifully restored by a guy named Bill Isaac. I have been talking to them about bringing in my artwork for the last 2 years, and I am just about ready. These first 2 pieces are actually gifts (not for sale) but I have settled on these barnwood frames as the best way to present the printed canvas. I also have 2 stretched canvases that I want to mount on some barnwood from the falling down horse barn across the street.

The WoodMan photo is just for kicks. He looks so handsome sleeping in the sun! Sophie chooses most often to sleep on the slate floor. I guess the radiant floor heat feels nice on her old bones. I'll get some new pictures of her one of these days coming up, and if we see blue skies again any time soon, I will make an effort to get some new piggie and pregnant goat photos! Lucille is out there right now, sleeping in the baby crib full of hay. It seems to be the favorite spot on sunny days.

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