Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Grumpy Cat comes to Schuyler Lake

I am just now feeling normal again after being beaten up by some flu bug on January 19. It kicked me hard! Having never had the flu before, I was pretty cocky about not getting a flu shot. If I was at the doctor's office and they offered, I got it, but I think that only happened once, maybe 2 years ago.

The worst part about this flu was that I caught it from the owners of the newspaper, but they came down with it 2 days before me and had the weekend to recover (sort of). I got stuck with feeling the worst on Monday and Tuesday, the 2 most important days at the paper. Even though I do not believe in working when sick, especially this sick, I had to go in because the paper has to go out!

I was so bad, I even locked The Husband out of the house on the coldest night in forever. He went out to check on the animals, and I locked the door and went to bed. I couldn't figure out why someone was knocking on the door at 10 pm, even though I had just locked it maybe 10 minutes earlier... Sorry, Babe...

There is no photo that can describe the ugly flu-infested mess that I was, so you will just have to imagine me with the Grumpy Cat face and thank me for not posting a real photo of me.

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