Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Evil Ben Dog and the Goat Boy

Ben, who used to be the cute Jack Russell Terrier that came across the street to visit, instead came back to attack our chickens. And this is not the first time. Previous times he really badly injured a few of the hens and the rooster. This time he killed one of the younger red hens, and 2 of the original black hens went missing overnight. I saw one of them wandering off with a bloody butt and one remaining tail feather. She came back the next morning, and I put her in Chicken Hospital (the dog crate in the garage). We found the other missing black hen dead in the hay bales back here by the garage a few days later. She made it back this far only to die anyway...

I am happy that I did not let the baby chicks join the big girls in the coop! They are getting close to full-grown size, but would have been no match for the formerly cute Ben Dog. I returned him to his owner and she swore that "this will never happen again". She was almost in tears, and so was I, but I can't blame her or the dog. My dogs are no angels either, they are dogs.

Tony and Rose, the big baby goats are getting really big! We were going to call the little one Little Rita, until we found out she is a he. We are trying to sell him/her, and are going to trade Tony for a different breed that we can then use to breed our girls next year. Little Rita doesn't need a new name if we aren't going to keep him. If we can't sell him, we'll just have to name him! That is him play-fighting with Jack in the top photo, and the handsome little guy by himself in the second.

Say a prayer for Big Rita. She made it home safely and then ended up in the hospital again. We are both happy that she had a (mostly) great week's stay with us up here. She said she truly enjoyed her stay, although I'm sure she could have done without the Woody-bashing. In my campaign to get her to eat more, I got her to drink a root beer float with me 4 nights after dinner. Now every time I have a root beer float I will think of her.

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