Friday, May 9, 2014

One new kid, finally!

Helen gave up what we think is a new baby doe today, around 7 pm. Almost exactly 1 month after her Mama produced a buckling and doeling.

She struggled with labor for about an hour and a half, and then I found the strength to help her a bit. From what I have read, most goats have normal births without much in the way of assistance, in fact sometimes the assistance causes more problems, like infections or hemorrhaging in the mom. But Helen kept pushing and pushing and only one little tiny foot was peeking out and going back in, so I grabbed the little foot and gave an extra tug while she was pushing. I got the foot and the beginning of the head, and then Helen was able to push out the whole little doe girl.

All of these photos are from just minutes after her birth. Helen, being the good momma she is, was very careful about cleaning up her new kid.

I am much by an old Sophie girl as the kidding...will explain tomorrow:

Thursday night there was a minor thunderstorm that lasted forever, like 4 hours. Barely any rumbling, lots of lightning. Sophie, even though she is mostly deaf, is still bothered by thunderstorms, so much so that she panted and paced from midnight on. I was so tired and frustrated by 4 am, that I gave her some doggie downer pills. The vet had given them to me for before her pedicures. Sophie hates getting her dagger nails cut almost as much as she hates the thunderstorms.

My glasses were upstairs, but I was pretty sure it said 1 to 2 pills, and that is what I remembered as well. So I gave her 2 and she was knocked out almost immediately—too quick actually. And then the effects did not wear off the whole next day! (Note to self: 1 pill next time!)

After the kid was born, I managed to get the old girl up and outside for a bit of a walk. She was still too sleepy to make it up the stairs to sleep with us when I went to bed, but she was up there in the morning and is now fully recovered. And so am I after a good night's sleep!

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