Thursday, May 15, 2014

Río Rita meets The Freight Train head on!

The Husband's Mom, Río Rita, said her Dad used to call her that...something about an old song by that name. Woody the hound dog earned his name The Freight Train from the way he barrels up and down the trails when he's running loose. He's taken out my legs from under me, and also knocked over Bandit, Don on the Hill's dog.

The Husband brought Mom up here from NJ on Mother's Day. She was in the house no more than 2 minutes when The Freight Train came pounding through the back door and bowled her over, hard. I had him outside, and thought that Rita was sitting down (as instructed) before I let him in, but that was not the case.

Let's just say we spent a good part of Mother's Day in the ER when we should have been home relaxing with a glass of wine and the lovely ham dinner I had waiting.

Río Rita is healing nicely. To make up for his causing injury to Mom, Woody has been sleeping with her every night. Sophie even spent the night in there with the 2 of them on Monday when there was a thunderstorm that had her concerned for Rita's wellbeing.

I am taking Mom home tomorrow. She is down to 2 bandaids and about a dozen antibiotic pills. Stitches come out next week...


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