Monday, March 9, 2015

Bumping the goats

I am moving the adorable goat kid photos down a notch to report some big news here:

The MonkeyCat who has been here since September just now had his first up close and personal meeting with the WoodMan. This has been building up for the past few weeks. Monk comes down the stairs and pesters Woody and then escapes either back up the stairs or through the cat door into the basement.

Woody has been getting better about not chasing the Monkey, but there's only so much a big hound boy can handle.

So today Monkey came closer than usual, and I decided to allow them to be together—with lots of "Be gentle" and "Be nice" talkin' to the WoodMan.

Although it looked like Woody was eating the little cat, the little cat was not complaining and kept coming back for more. In fact, this has been going on now for a good half hour. When Monkey has had enough, he runs off, but he just keeps coming back. His fur is soaking wet, especially around his neck, which is where the Woody likes to chew on him.

I am a little bit nervous to leave for work...or maybe I just don't want to miss all the antics.

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  1. Jersey Girl3/11/15, 5:03 PM

    Good boy, Woody! Be nice to Monkey!