Friday, March 20, 2015

I need a haircut...and other stuff

I work part-time for The Freeman's Journal/Hometown Oneonta newspapers as their graphic artist. They were taking photos of us in work the other day, and here is my pose.

I grew my hair this long because I thought I would donate it to Locks of Love, to make wigs for cancer survivors. But then I found that they won't take hair that is more than 5% grey. Sorry, I cannot meet those requirements. Guess I really do have to get my hair cut soon.

Just this week the editor of the paper attributed an article to me that I had very little to do with, other than sending him a link to use for information in an article he was writing. It was late. He had space on the editorial page. He printed the link verbatim and gave me the byline.

He should have given credit to One of my go-to sites for information about raising chickens. But hey! He also gave a "link" to my blog.

Credit for this photo: Ian Austin.

So if that's how you got here... Welcome!

Scroll down. The other posts are more interesting than this (I hope). This one is written after work, late in the evening, maybe had a glass of wine..or 2...

I saw this photo from the weather satellite for today, the first day of spring. Orange dot is where we are, still under snow cover, but it feels a whole lot like spring. Goats had their kids. Chickens are out wandering outside the coop (those famous chickens I love so much). Pigs are in the freezer (I know, that's so cruel.)

And here's one more kid photo, since the goats got bumped in the last post. Little girl in the center, other 2 are boys.

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