Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Signs of spring #3 and 4, and these little piggies went to market

Tuesday night I get home from work about 10 pm. Just get settled in when The Husband calls me from the goat shed—there's a third little kid out there. We both waited around to see if there was a #4, but it wasn't happening anytime soon that we could see. He went about an hour later and #4 is out there as well. (in the photo: little doeling in front milking off of mama, little buckling only 1 black foot showing behind mama)

So both mamas delivered 2 kids without any help from us.

Only 1 doeling, the darkest of the 3 brown ones, and 3 bucklings. Not good numbers for us, but any combination of adorable is a good thing!

Also today the piggies went to market. We are trying a new butcher, The Farmer's Place in New Berlin. Had a new transport person as well—Barb and her husband Rick. They loaded up the 2 pigs in about 10 minutes, a clear victory over every past effort, but then it took them another 15 minutes or so to back the truck and trailer out of the snowy driveway.

And our friend the bald eagle was flying over surveying the whole episode.

Spring is coming. It is.

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