Sunday, April 12, 2015

A very well behaved man, that Cyrus!

Yes, that's one blue eye and one brown.

There are moments when Cyrus lets some of his true dog personality show through—like when he magically released himself from the leash to chase a deer here by the house. Nothing wrong with collar or leash, he just let himself free...just like that. But the well behaved part was that he returned after about 3 minutes, ran right up onto the porch and waited for me to let him in.

I have been taking him into work at The Freeman's Journal. He did so well on Monday, that I was encouraged to bring him back on Tuesday, which is crazy-busy press day. He made it through about 8 hours, on a rainy day when I couldn't walk him too much, and I am sure he could have lasted longer.

Unlike ANY of our other dogs, Cyrus knows how to just lay down and be good. MonkeyCat has been testing him out, sneaking up and batting him on the nose while he's sleeping, but so far no major reaction. He is sometimes inspired by Woody to chase the Monkey, and even take a chew or 2, but MonkeyCat always comes back for more.

They said at the shelter that Cyrus is non-confrontational, but his new buddy the WoodMan brings out the crazy in everyone he meets. Soon I will post the movies of Woody and Cyrus playing. They seem well matched in their craziness and vying for dominance. You might think they are killing each other, for all the snarling and wrestling, but both are quite happy with themselves, and more important—tired—when all is said and done.

They "fight" over Woody's prime spot in the sofa with Mom, and Monkey gets in on it too. (That's Monkey wrapped around my chin in the top right photo.) But at the end of the day, Cyrus is just as happy on the heated floors, and last night just hung out on the back porch by himself for awhile.

Woody is just a little bit concerned that he won't get as much love as before Cyrus (BC) but I assured him that we have enough love for all the boys in the house.

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  1. Cyrus is beautiful. Of course your hands have been full since Woody entered your lives. Adding Cyrus will just make it more interesting. I'm sure Woody will not be giving up his spot on the sofa!