Saturday, April 4, 2015

All boys in the house, but me

I really planned to get a new girlfriend for Woody after Sophie left us, but then this big boy Cyrus found me and insisted on coming home with us.

Again I am the responsible party for finding a new dog so shortly after we lost our sweet girl, but when it feels right, and The Husband feels it too, and even the WoodMan gives his approval, well, what else to say?

I had been poking around on, and (where we got Sophie and Woody). I found lots of beautiful dogs, but none perfect. Then, on Thursday while I was in town, some strange force pulled me into the Susquehanna Animal Shelter. I told them I was just casually looking, not really ready yet. I met Cyrus and Chunk, both black boys who looked interesting. Chunk was fine, but still needed to be tested with cats. Cyrus was said to be a big lovebug great with dogs, cats and children, but already had an application in on him.

So I texted the Hub and told him to swing by on his way home from work sometime, not really expecting him to do it anytime soon.

But he did. And felt the love too.

And then the other application fell through.

I really really didn't expect to be able to bring him home today, but here he is. Woody even sat in the back on the way home in the car, giving Cyrus the only available seat.

So far all is good at Lester's Flat. All good but Monkey is not so sure yet about big black boy, and Cyrus thinks the chickens look mighty tasty... We can work on those things.

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