Monday, January 11, 2016

A pleasant surprise

We are always surprised by a new birth. As much as we think we know what is going on…well…we don't. We are pretty sure that Rosie (white girl) is going to kid in January. We are thinking it is going to be near the end of the month (on The Husband's birthday according to his calculations). Lucille (black girl) should be a few weeks later. Beatrice (brown girl) daughter of Lucille and Charlie, is 1 year old, and we never saw her go into heat. As she is Charlie's kid, we were hoping that she was not bred by him. She was.

Beatrice gave us a new kid this morning, about 10:15. I think it's a boy.

As usual, Grandma Lucille takes over the cleaning up part, although Beatrice was able to get in there and help out after a while.

So why did she wait till today? A Monday when we both have to work. A Monday that is very cold (high of 20°) and windy, after a warm and rainy weekend.

I guess Mother Nature knows best. Kid is snuggled in a bunch of hay. Mama and Grandma working together to keep him comfortable.

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  1. That baby goat is so very cute!!! Aw!!!