Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Little guy standing tall

We weren't sure this little guy was going to make it through the night. He wouldn't even stand up yesterday, probably because he just wanted to stay warm all snuggled up in the hay. It was really cold and windy both yesterday and today.

I left for work yesterday with him wrapped up in my down vest. The Husband came home early to keep an eye on him. Momma Beatrice did not seem to know what to do, other than to follow Lucille's lead and clean him up a bit. We are pretty sure he spent the night in the corner behind the hay bale, by himself, with only the vest to keep him warm.

Neither of us had seen any nursing going on, including up to the time The Hub left for work this morning. But just now I was out there checking on him, and there he was, the little tough guy, standing tall. I took some time to hug him and warm him up a bit. Lucille and Rosie took most of that time to beat up on Beatrice. I am not sure if they were telling her to go get her baby from me, or just being mean girls.

I was finally able to corner Beatrice and put the baby down beside her. I had to hold Lucille back, again not sure if she was helping or being difficult. Finally the little guy found his way to the milk. He had a good drink, and Beatrice seemed thankful that he found his way. Lucille and Rosie gave up their head-butting and went back to eating hay.

All is right with the world, in the goat barn at least, for now.

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