Monday, January 4, 2016

Update on Good Craig/Bad Craig

I posted awhile ago on having problems with people promising things on Craig's List and then falling through. Specifically, someone who wanted to buy 2 of our goats by trading for firewood and hay.

I had posted some pics of Charlie, our breeding male goat, for sale on Craig's List. He has been a good buck, but we cannot keep using him because of inbreeding issues. I did not hear anything for quite some time, and then heard from a guy in NJ. I gave him a hard time about why he would want a goat in upstate NY if he lives in southern NJ. Given past bad experiences with promises, I did not believe him.

Turns out he was a really good guy, with 2 young female alpines that he bought in Maine. He must have some family up here, near Binghamton. Exactly as promised, he showed up last night to take Charlie home.

Funny part (from my point of view) even though warned that Charlie was a big boy, he showed up in a normal sized sedan (like a Taurus) with a large dog crate in the back seat. Probably best that he and Charlie did the 5- or 6- hour trip at night. He says that Charlie was a good traveler all the way home. (Maybe he was sleepy?)

Here is Charlie with his 2 new women, home safe today.

He escaped just in time for the temperatures to drop dramatically. We got about 2" of snow shortly after they left last night at about 6:30 pm. The high was only 14° today.

Wishing you well, Charles, in your new much warmer home. Thank you for behaving yourself in the Taurus.

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