Sunday, May 15, 2016

Friday the 13th Rainbow

My last post was Friday the 13th and I had photos on there from Wednesday. Now I am posting the photos I took on Friday... At least I have had 4 posts in the last week—that might be a record for me since back when we were building the house.

We have had many rainbows over Lester's Flat since we bought the property up here, but not so many recently. They are almost always in the early evening, which places the rainbow in the eastern sky over Panther Mountain on the other side of Route 28. Friday evening, around 7:30, it started raining (again) and then the sun came back through the clouds. This one was not a double rainbow, but one of the largest ones I have seen. (I wonder what determines the size of the rainbow?) I wish I could have captured all of it in one photo, but that didn't happen.

The rain was good for all the new trees, but bad for the weekend's weather. Today we have a cloudy day, lots of wind, and a high of 48°. It's going down to 32° tonight. In May. I might even start up the woodstove again. I thought we were done with all that!

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