Friday, May 13, 2016

Sun setting, dogs surveying

The tree planting was a blast, and extremely exhausting for the 2 old farts who live here. My muscles are still in recovery. These photos are from the day of planting. The boys and I were resting our weary bones in the backyard, watching the sun go down.

As partners with the Trees for Tribs folks, we are supposed to water the plants weekly throughout the summer and fall. Not so easily done when the longest hose we have will probably only reach about 5 of the blueberry bushes closest to the house. So we are thankful for the grey rainy day today.

It gave our painter a holiday from painting the trim on the house (you can see the evidence of his power-washing the porch in the photos) but it is also giving us a nice break from our tree maintenance duties. From what I know of gardening, the most important time to give new plants a good soak is right after planting.

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