Thursday, June 30, 2016

Deer spotting

The weeds (mostly goldenrod) are growing taller making it more difficult to see the deer in the yard. That's not to say that Cyrus can't spot them on a clear night, moon shining, at 3:30 am.

Lack of sleep does not agree with me. Let's just leave it at that. So after several nights of interrupted sleep, I went on Amazon and purchased some frosted window film for the 5 living room windows. I thought I could use it at night and remove it during the day, but the manufacturer said no, definitely not. So I cancelled the order and went with some silver sheer curtains that I used to have out in The Dump. So far so good, at least to get us through the night. I just can't stand having the windows covered up during the day.

Curtains down, The Husband spotted our little spotted fawn this evening before the Cyrus caught on. He went out and took these blurry photos of fawn and mama together. Blurry being the fault of lousy telephoto on the little Canon, not Husband's fault.

Note to self: Buy a better camera sometime soon. Missing a lot of good photos.

Update: Cyrus has not yet made peace with the crate. It seems only Woody is comfortable sleeping in there. So the Cyrus-house-training process continues. Not going well. Good for a week or 3, then again a double dose today when I was gone only an hour and a half.

Note to self: Next time get a puppy and train it properly. Or how about an old, mellow, already house-trained, lovable dog?

We'll see. Probably we will end up with another badly behaved beautiful wacko sweetheart of a pooch or two. Just like the two we have now.

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