Monday, June 13, 2016

Fire in June and the crate training

The WoodMan says "It should not be so cold in June. We should not need a fire in the stove (but I love it)."

It's just plain cold here and I refuse to turn the heat back on in the middle of June. A wood fire feels pretty good though. 77° inside, 48° out.

These are new pics of Woody in the crate. From all the recent photos of him, you might think he was a nice calm sleepy hound. He isn't, but he is so much improved from when we first got him and he was the one barking like a fool at the deer. And barking like a fool for no reason. And running off for 6 hours at a time.

Woody likes the crate.

Cyrus does not like the crate. He wears the fur off his nose trying to ram his way out. You can see the slobber marks on the floor surrounding the crate from him working himself into a lather. I will keep trying a bit longer at getting him used to it, but am almost ready to give up.

Maybe Woody is trying to show him that it is a perfectly comfortable place to least when the door is open.

We haven't had a deer and fawn siting since about 5 am. That also gets Cyrus in a lather, trying to charge through the windows to get to the deer. In addition to the slobber on the floor outside the crate, look at the window behind the crate. They all look like that at dog level. If it isn't deer, it's the ducks (which we don't have anymore). If not deer or ducks, groundhog or cat or any other critter.

I will simply have to be patient with my boy like I was with Woody. Some day we will have 2 well behaved boys who are thankful for being rescued.

Some day.

PS: Sorry Husband. It must be true. All I ever talk about is the dogs.

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