Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Something other than dogs

Eight Happy Goats

Left to right in the big photo: Mr. David Bowie himself, getting to be a big boy now. Soon we will have to separate boys from girls or we will have a little too much action in the goat barn. :) Then, Miss Blossom Dearie, named for the singer, but looking just like her dad, Charlie. Rosie, the white Saanen mama between her 2 girls. Lovely Rita, turning out to be a redhead, just like her namesake, the lovely Rita Peters.

Next photo: Rico was initially named Rita, until we found out he was a boy. He was born just a day or 2 before Rita came to visit, and we asked (while she was holding him) if she would mind us naming her (him) Rita. Oh well, good intentions. He is looking a bit crazy in this pic, probably because those crazy horns are pushing against his skull. We'll have to get them trimmed soon. Then Mr. Bowie with the crazy ears looking adorable, as always. We won't be trimming the crazy ears.

Next photo, left to right: Lucille, the black Saanen mama who started this little herd. She's the oldest of the bunch, and the best milker. Jack behind her, munching on hay, next oldest. Then Crazy Rico, Redhead Rita, Blossom way in the back, and Bowie with his head in the manger. Beatrice, on the right, also looks just like Charlie her dad.

We have that plastic calf hutch, in the last photo behind Lucille, just in case anyone needs to be separated from the rest. So far no one has earned a trip to the isolation booth. Just 8 very happy boys and girls...as it should be.

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