Thursday, July 23, 2009

Foundation work

Susan, the architect, showed up to answer some builder questions about 10 minutes after he took off to go to Oneonta for some missing pieces to the foundation puzzle. She went over everything with me, and now it's my job to relay the information to Jim. Luckily they both know what they are talking about.

Cloudy again today, but looks like they will get a whole day in before any storms come through. The ICFs (insulated concrete forms) look like big Lego pieces that fit together pretty easily, but then there's a whole bracing and reinforcement system that ties it all together.

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  1. Jersey Girl7/23/09, 4:43 PM

    It rained here today and I thought of you. At first, I couldn't see the side comments. Now, I can but I don't know who it is. That guy in your pic looks like he is walking the plank!!! Ha,Ha!!! Miss you!