Saturday, July 25, 2009

The staredown

Not much to do on a hot, sunny Saturday, but play in the creek with the dogs. We found some more fossil rocks down there...lots of little tiny shell impressions. You would think with all this clean water there would be more fish, but all I saw today was one tadpole.

Jane and Colin are coming for dinner tonight. Hoping the sunny weather lasts until then, because I do all my cooking on the grill.


  1. the fish are afraid of the dogs!
    btw- where is this housing development located?- my friends keep asking me and i just know it's somewhere in new york!
    i have some concerns about dogs in supervisory roles, but i guess at least they're honest (note massive corruption scandel in nj!!)
    now it's getting exciting- walls, roofs, plumbing, yea!

  2. Jersey Girl7/25/09, 4:44 PM

    We just love the pictures of Lester and Sophie!!! That is why we look at the blog. Have a good dinner!!!

  3. Jane MacDonald7/30/09, 9:33 PM

    Dinner was wonderful, as usual, unfortunately, Jane tires easily these days. Sorry, I was not here when you left - thanks for returning the goods - hope you enjoyed the ribs.