Sunday, July 26, 2009

The unloved

Earlier this week I got a last-minute invitation to the Historical Society meeting which was being held in the MagicBarn. Chazoo was hosting the meeting, and amused everyone with his performance. Just so happens that the realtor who sold us this place was sitting right behind me. We chatted about how she thought The Dump was the reason the place was on the market for so long—she thought it would never sell.

This photo was taken Thanksgiving weekend, 2004, just a few weeks before we went to closing. Truly this was a place that needed more than little TLC. Apparently we were the only ones to see the beauty in it. Pamela, the realtor, was much impressed with the renovations, but still, I think, puzzled by our interest in The Dump.

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  1. Jersey Girl7/26/09, 3:12 PM

    We are still a bit puzzled why you need to move so far away but support you all the way.