Friday, April 22, 2011

Not much progress!

If you look at the previous posts, you will see very little progress has been made in The Dump Demolition. From March 22 through April 22, you can barely see a change.

Dave and Donnie put in about 8 hours total in a really good week. We are getting comments from folks who know Dave that we will be lucky if he is finished by December. And this is how he leaves our lovely Dump, right on the road, all dressed up for Easter weekend.

No progress on selling our NJ house either. We had a few showings in the past month, but no offers. Just this week, someone inquired about a lease-to-own deal, and also a realtor said she had someone interested in renting. One or the other may be the temporary fix to our dilemma. Maybe some rent money will get us through this sucky housing market!

Hope that everyone has a lovely Easter, or whatever other holiday you celebrate...including Earth Day! We are having friends Jane and Mac over for dinner on Sunday. We give Jane all the credit for helping us when we bought the property (and The Dump!) in 2005. She was Land Use Officer at the time, and if it were not for her advice, we would have given up on the deal.
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