Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Demolition continues, spring declines

The Dump demolition hit a snag when Dave had a less-than-communicative conversation with The Husband last week. Both got angry, work was threatened to end.

Magically though, anger was the solution, and Dave and Donnie have been out on a more regular basis since.

March went in and out like a lion. Although most of the snow is melted, we are still getting regular "snow events"...one again today (see photo). Thankfully, the ground is warm enough that it doesn't stick.

Headed back to NJ to do some more cleaning up and digging up of my precious plantings from the old house. I am convinced by realtors and others that no one will appreciate all of my gardening efforts there, so I plan to rescue as many perennials as will fit in the CR-V and bring them back here.

Not only do the new house-shoppers seem to want a bigger house than my favorite old house, they also want a no-maintenance yard...which mine is not.
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