Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring progresses, Dave does not.

While Dave has made little progress in Dump Demolition, spring has certainly taken over the landscape since my last post. A few days of temperatures over 70° have finally brought some green. The leaves are just now beginning to pop out on some of the trees, starting with the willows down by the creek. Green grass is finally rising above the matted down brown mess that winter left behind.

But spring brings interesting complications as well. With high winds and heavy rains last night and this morning, Herkimer Creek is looking more like a lake. Or else Canadarago Lake is overtaking the creek. I'm not sure which describes it better, I only know that the back 40 is swamped, more than I have ever seen it.

I did some quick playing in Photoshop to give you an idea of what happened here since last night. This view is approximately 180° going from south to north (left to right). We very rarely get water in between the creek and the house, and the creek itself is usually barely visible. You can also see on the northeast side, that the lake is taking over the horse field, combining with the creek and almost washing over the road.

We are happy to be on higher ground, although with more rain expected, I hope it's high enough.

I couldn't wait to also add my first photo of the new babies across the street at the horse farm. So far, I think there are 6 new foals, and a few more are expected. This little one was very curious about meeting me, until a neighbor stopped in his car to say hello...then the curious one ran back to momma for safety. I will try to get some more photos of the rest of them when the weather clears a bit.
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