Thursday, April 7, 2011

Video chat on the Mac

I often let the screensaver on my iMac run a slideshow of all the photos that are on there. It's better entertainment than television! (Truth be told, we don't have any TV reception up here, and we are too cheap to pay for cable.) Sometimes the cat statues, especially Dave, sit there and watch the show. They seemed especially interested in this photo of Lester and Sophie back in NJ.

I am headed to NJ myself today—escaping the snowy North Country. We still have patches of snow left in the areas where it had drifted, but for the most part it is finally gone. Temperatures are supposed to be in the mid-50s today and tomorrow, and even warmer in the South Country—possibly hitting 82°on Monday there. Yikes! that could be too hot for all the garden demolition I have planned.

Since no one is looking at the NJ house, even after we lowered the price to basement level, I have decided to dig up as many of those spring-flowering perennials and bulbs as I can dig. I'll just buy a big bag of grass seed to replace my years of hard work. If all of the money we spent on my fabulous garden is going to be wasted on the new generation of homebuyers, I might as well save what I can.

My realtor and others keep telling me horror stories of young couples buying houses and bulldozing all the landscaping so that they have the more "traditional" carpet-of-green perfect lawn with a few lollipop shrubs around the foundation. All they want is a low-maintenance yard. All I can say is YUCH.
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