Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fossils and a lack of progress

On one of his many walks through the creek in below-freezing weather, The Husband happened upon a very interesting rock. While we frequently find rocks with tiny fossilized shells, this is much larger, and appears to be a piece of bone, possibly some kind of joint.

I posted it on the Fossil Forum online, hoping to find some more information about it. It is entirely possible that it is just a hunk of rock, but that's not what it looks like to me.

I love this property for its history, but when we purchased it, I had no idea that it would reveal a history much older than the stories we heard of the Herkimer Farm in the 1700s. I think I will have to accept the offer of my new friend Anna, from the Little White Church, to come over with her 2 metal detectors and do a little archaelogical survey of the back forty. I know it won't help me find anymore fossils, but I think this land has many more stories to tell.

Dave did some damage to The Dump last Tuesday, and then went home and rested on his laurels. Nothing has been done since.

And we had a house showing last week as well, but they were not interested, and rated my favorite NJ house as only "fair". Shame on them for not appreciating what a great house it is! This, plus the recent inactivity, convinced me to come down in price again. Shame on them!
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