Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Detroiter/Dump Demolition by Dave and Donnie

He did use that 3" or 4" of snow as an excuse to not come out on Monday, but Dave made up for it on Tuesday. He fired his first helper Johnnie, and signed up Donnie to help with taking down The Dump. They took off the walls and windows in the front addition today. Now you can see that pristine turquoise, cream and black siding on the inside. I wasn't able to get anyone to reuse the siding, but at least Dave can sell it for scrap. He was a bit disappointed to find out that it is tin, not aluminum which is worth a whole lot more. Who knew?

You can see in the first photo just how sturdy that foundation was...Not! I wonder how many critters will be displaced by the demolition. I know there have been groundhogs and at least one skunk living under there, and I suspect there are more mice than anything else.

What a difference it will make to the horses across the street! It will very much improve their view of us. Several of them were standing at the fence watching the goings on at The Dump. I think if they had thumbs, they'd give us a big thumbs up.
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