Friday, March 4, 2011

This time last year

My beautiful soapstone counters were installed on March 3 last year. The installation went smoothly, except for Todd the Stone Guy sanding down the edge of the sink and sending super fine stone dust throughout the house. This first photo was about an hour after he left, and you can see the dust is everywhere, including still flying through the air. Even after he hired a cleaning lady to scrub the house, top to bottom, the dust is still year later.

We also had the little Ruby Monster here with us last year from January through May when she was finally adopted. She made a point of terrorizing the guys working on the house, to the point where Bruce the Plumber refused to come in while we were all staying here. I was surprised to see that there was that much snow on the ground in March. We had very little snow last year, compared to this very snowy winter.

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