Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I thought we were headed toward spring...

...and then winter came back to bite us again.

We were finally able to see swaths of green grass after some serious rain and warmer temps over the weekend, and then Sunday afternoon it all went downhill, again. The driveway was almost completely cleared of snow and ice, and replaced by mud. This was not much of an improvement, but definitely a signal of spring. Then, Monday morning we woke up to about 2 feet of snow on the ground. Poor Mr. Kelley the Snowblower didn't make it out here until 8:30 am to clear a path so The Poor Husband could get the CR-V out of the garage to go to work. It looks and feels like we have returned to December.

We had several dinner guests on Saturday night: Jim the Builder, wife Chrissy, 2YO son Jack, and 6MO son Sawyer, and Richie the Worker with his girlfriend, Eileen. Roast pork glazed with grainy dijon mustard, rosemary and fig spread was pretty tasty, but over-cooked. I was too much distracted by playing with the 2 adorable children.

I am always amazed that Lester and Sophie are so well behaved around babies. Of course, after only a few minutes, Lester had Jack well-trained to feed him Nilla wafers, dozens of them...

And the final bit of exciting news: Little Sister had a house showing on Saturday, and we have one tonight...keep on shopping folks...we both want to sell our houses!
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  1. people are looking at the houses cause it's warmish and looking like spring here- good luck!