Friday, May 20, 2011

Chicken girls doing well

Just as I am thinking of moving them into a new coop, the girls are settling into the Chicken Shack as their new home. They seem happy enough, and every day they find new places in there to hang out.

Today when I came in, the Silver Laced girls were on top of the wooden box, watching out the window. I captured 3 of the 4 in the photo before they ran off. The Red Girls almost always greet me at the door, so I never know exactly where they are hanging out when I am not there.

I do know that they are still all sleeping together in the little plastic garden wagon. The amount of manure in there every morning makes it clear where they are spending the night. And even though I would like them to spend more quality time (pooping time!) outside, they seem to prefer the Chicken Shack, even when it isn't raining.

I am thinking of moving the girls closer to the house, and making the Chicken Shack into the Goat Shack (for the soon-to-be incoming goat kids). I think they would be safer there, and I would get to watch them from the house. If we build a new coop under the overhang on the garage, the garage itself would act as insulation from the wind. For now, the Chicken Shack is perfect, but unless we spend some time (and money) fixing the back door, and maybe putting in a chicken-size "pop door", they are in danger of predators finding their way in. When it gets cold, neither of the doors close properly, and the worst one is on the northwest side, which is the windiest and coldest.

It will be a long walk out there for eggs when it gets cold and snowy. Plus, it would probably cost less to build a custom chicken coop onto the garage, than to buy a standard goat shed. Just trying to plan ahead.
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