Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Chicken Whisperers and the Renters

The Chicken Girls are warming up to us. The Red Girls are still the only ones to allow us to pick them up, but now if we sit on the steps, all of the girls come over and line up for a turn to jump on our back and shoulders. The Red Girls created this little game, but the SLWs are coming as far as climbing the steps to see what's going on. I can see why they say that chickens get along well with children—because they are a lot like little children themselves.

The good news is that we have someone to rent the house in NJ. The bad news is that they aren't the perfect little family that we thought they were. Instead of the happy young couple with young girl and puppy, they are that, plus mother and brother of the young mom. All of the complaints we had from buyers about our house said it was too small, and now we are getting 5 people and a big dog in our house with one shower.

All I can say is: not my problem. They love the house and want to take care of the lawn, something we need them to do.

So now we have to get ready to get all of our stuff out by June 30. If you don't see too many posts in June, you'll know why!
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