Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grey and green and pink and white

The large photo here shows the same apple trees behind the Lester (above) but from the opposite side. At least that year there was some sunshine in May. We've had grey cloudy skies here for at least the last week. The greens are very green, but the apple trees seem to be saving their blossoms for the sun. The trees are full of pink and white flowers, but they just don't seem to want to open.

When I went out to take these photos, the tree swallows who have a nest in the birdhouse were dive-bombing me, protecting their babies.

And, speaking of babies, Happy Birthday! to my OR Sister in Portland. I am guessing we all spent some time getting bathed in that pink sink, with the Phisohex soap. Little Sister is still living in the house, but the pink sink, and counters, and curtains (and Phisohex) are long gone.

Our chicken girls are doing well so far. They seem to be happy in their new Chicken Shack, and they are getting just a bit braver and checking out the outside in between the raindrops. I bought them some wood shavings for bedding and litter control, and a different kind of feed today.

I found out from Jim that they are only 11 or 12 weeks old. The Red Girls are maybe a week or 2 younger than the SLWs. The original bag of feed that I bought is meant for 18 to 20WO chicks, and it has too much calcium for the youngsters. They don't need it until they lay eggs, as it helps to strengthen the shells.

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  1. I love your spring photo! So beautiful. Spent some time here on your space and enjoyed my visit. We have spent the last three years working on making our place to make it "look respectable" too. It is an ongoing (never ending?) process.