Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wheels are turning and Willie's in the window

We had an Open House on May 15 at the NJ house. Only 2 people showed up, and only 1 showed any interest—they might want to rent. They seem to be the perfect family—mom, dad, little girl and adorable puppy—but we still haven't heard any results from the credit check.

Either way, the wheels are turning, and we are going to FINALLY move all of our furniture and stuff up here to the new house. The realtor seems to think that the house will show just as well without furniture, so even if the renters don't work out, we are going through with the move. We've been here in NY almost a year now, getting by with our stunt furniture. It will be a whole new house all over again when we can finally make it OURS.

I am waiting to hear back from the mover about when he can schedule us in June. I have some concerns about being able to pack all the boxes up before that date, but I do work better when I have a clear deadline. The closets are all pretty much cleared out, and most of the kitchen cabinets are cleared, but the attic closet and basement have become the hiding places for all of the "clutter" that I tried to hide when "staging" the house.

It will feel SOOOO good to finally get this over with. Even if we aren't selling our house, we won't be giving it away for nothing, and we will be getting some income to cover the bills. This next month should be very interesting!

That's Willie in the window waiting for the sofa to replace the Adirondack chair that has been a crucial part of our living room furniture for all this time.

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