Saturday, September 1, 2018

Happy September 1!

So I say it feels like Fall, and we get more hot and humid weather, the very next day. My punishment, I suppose, for commenting on the beautiful autumnal cool air. Hx2 for a few days, then it cooled off again, and now more hot stuff coming this week.

Also from my previous post: the goldfinches are still loving the yellow daisies. These are not really daisies, but a wilder form of rudbeckia that we bought at least a dozen years ago as a seed packet at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Somehow they made the trip north with some other plants I dug up and brought here. They come back every year, bigger and stronger. This is the first year they really took over the side of the house, just outside the living room windows, and started coming around the front by the hostas.

Monkey just recently discovered the goldfinches. It's true they get lost in with all the yellow flowers. There's one next to his right ear in the photo. He has been too busy watching the sparrows eating the grass and weed seeds, and even an occasional hummingbird. Great cat TV!

Monkey has also discovered that it is great fun to lay down across my keyboard and mouse while I am working at the computer. So I think we will end this post here.

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