Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ask for snow and you shall have it.

It started snowing lightly as we drove through Hartwick last night, and I think it continued through the night. And then we are scheduled to get 3" to 6" more tomorrow. Luckily they are much better at clearing roads up here, so I should still be fine for driving home on Friday.

Today's job is to try to choose paint colors for the interior. I took some pictures in NJ of the things I expect to put in each room, and some pics up here of the interior.

Hope I can throw them altogether and come up with a plan.

I was out at the house with Jim and the guys discussing the progress. He thinks the heat shut itself off because somebody drained the water from the system thinking the drain was a water supply. It's up and running again, and actually about 73° in there right now. I really wish there was a working bathroom, because that is definitely more comfortable than this drafty Dump. But it would be tough to stay out of the way of the guys while they are working.

Dogs are tired after a romp in the snow with Kaya. Back to work for me with my colors.

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  1. Jersey Girl12/8/09, 4:01 PM

    You can have all the snow you want. Just so it stays up there. I am hoping ours will stay a rain event.