Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Snow up there today.

December brings just a bit of snow, that's what I wanted for when we were there last week, just enough to take some pretty pictures. Oh well!

House is coming along nicely. French doors going in today or tomorrow. Taper needs to come back and finish up, and then I need to start picking interior paint colors...but quick!

Kitchen island design is pretty much finished, but I asked Gary to finish the bathroom vanity first. These photos are the final kitchen layout and the close-to-final island design.

Still deciding if I want to spend $150 on LED under-cabinet lights, or if I am going to buy a $20 string of LED lights from Ikea and see how they work out. I don't mind spending money for real light fixtures, but somehow the under-cabinet lights just don't seem worth the big bucks.

Going back up on Monday, and I hope to finish up with all the shopping for parts and other decisions before Christmas. Jim said they will be mostly done by then, just a few things won't get done in time for the holidays.

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