Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Picking paints. First proof.

Yes, I know these pictures are more like cartoons than the real thing, but they are helpful to me. Moving rugs around to help decide on a color scheme, and trying to keep the colors so that they all work together, from room to room. Even if we don't keep all the rugs we have, it's an easy way to make this work.

The Husband and I both like dark colors on the walls, but maybe they work better in our old house with the light-stained molding. Although the white molding does make a nice contrast. Have to go with a lighter color in the bedroom, because it has a cathedral ceiling and I want to paint it all the same. The other rooms will all have white ceilings.

Something else that came up for discussion today—I have always imagined 2 french doors swinging out to the screen porch. In the top photo are our french doors in NJ...same Andersen door, but 2 swinging out to the deck, no screen. The architect always envisioned one french door swinging into the dining room. This was discussed several times with Gordy and Jim, but when it came to putting in the order, Jim deferred to the architect's drawings with the one door. He says he'll take it out and either sell it or use it in his own house, but maybe it does look OK after all... Do I really want to give up on my 2 french doors that I hounded The Husband for in NJ?

Oh yeah, and that wall behind the woodstove is the final version of what I have been designing for at least a year. This would be my perfect solution, but one I am pretty sure I can't afford. Might just be a painted blue wall until I hit the lottery. Even those little wings on either side of the woodstove cost $250 extra, so they're waiting for the big bucks too. Might help if I actually bought some lottery tickets!

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  1. Is the piano in NJ?
    How will it get to NY?
    You are good at picking colors. Will you have a wood stove?