Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rain and cold. Tapers are here.

There was a chance of snow flurries today, and we had a few of those, but mostly it was windy cold and rainy. On our way out to the Farmers Market and then the Farmers Museum, we caught a stranger and his son coming down the driveway. Turns out they are the "tapers". Still back there, been there since about 11 am taping and spackling the sheetrock.

Yesterday was pretty much the same weather, except for one bright spot—we went to closing on our "bridge loan". The last big roadblock has been removed, so we now have the money we need to finish this project.

Lester and Sophie are bored after 2 days of bad weather. Thanksgiving day was a beautiful day—so beautiful The Husband took me for a short walk that turned into a very long walk. And then we went to the Otesaga for lunch/dinner, so the dogs missed out on all the fun. I am sure they will get over it. It is supposed to be a nice day again tomorrow. We'll get them out there before we leave to wear them out a bit.

Hope that you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving as well.

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