Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wintry weather to start the day

Beautiful dusting of snow greeted us this morning (best viewed large especially if you want to find the Lester). Since then it has turned warm and sometimes even sunny. Went down to the creek with the dogs and came back without my Sophie. Either she found her way across the creek and couldn't get back, or she was just messing with me. Had to cross the barbed wire fence to go around and show her a way to get back...little stinker.

Need to leave soon to meet with Karen the Kitchen Designer. Final plans are ready, and need to leave a deposit. Jim the Builder said he would pick up the oven and dishwasher and store them in our basement. Slate came yesterday, it's the big white package in the front yard, second photo. They promised the front door is coming tomorrow—that's the last thing we're waiting on in order to get things moving. As it is, the guys weren't here yesterday or today because they can't really do anything without the door.

Post more later, gotta go.

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