Thursday, November 19, 2009

New rock rocks. New, not so much.

Apparently I did not order the tub and shower fixtures soon enough. They needed to be installed BEFORE the sheetrock. So now some of the sheetrocking will be held up, all because of me. Of course no one told me I had this deadline until today, so I can't take full responsibility.

Jim the Builder called me while I was in the bath showroom hanging out with Kelly. He told me that he needed both bathrooms delivered pronto. Only problem was, I was just ordering the upstairs bath fixtures today. Took me this long to make up my mind about the vanity. Other stuff will take at least 2 weeks to come in. The downstairs fixtures are all packaged up waiting to be delivered, but their normal delivery to this part of town is Thursdays. Too late for today, next week is Thanksgiving.

I am pretty sure it was an accident. Or maybe Jim's paying me back by painting my front door sky blue. So, whaddya think? Nice, huh?

Easy enough to make that mistake—I left him 2 gallons of paint—the red for the door and the blue for the porch roof. Jim knew the difference, but didn't tell Jerry the Painter. At least he didn't paint the porch roof barn red!

The sheetrockers finished most of the second floor today. They will come back tomorrow and Monday to finish everything...except for the part below the shower and tub. It really changes the whole look of the rooms inside now that there are walls. Soon I will have to choose paint colors...

This is the first big bump in the process, at least the first big one on me. Not so bad in the general scheme of things. At least I don't think so.

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