Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rock and rolling right along

Sixteen-ft and twelve-ft pieces of sheet rock were delivered today. Even though the boom truck offloaded them, the guys still had to grab them and move them inside. Thanks guys, for all your heavy lifting! Upstairs rock came in through the windows (sashes are easily removed), basement rock came in through the Bilco doors. (I hope! I didn't stick around to watch that part.)

Spray-foam salesguy stopped by to inspect the insulation...said he hadn't seen the soy-based stuff in use before. Other than walking on the still-tacky deck floor before I could catch him, he was pleased with the outcome, as am I.

Shortly after he left, the appraiser (for the bank) came by for a tour. He asked a lot of questions and genuinely seemed to like the house. I am fairly certain he will do a MUCH better job than the previous appraiser for the previous bank who nicely put a wrench in our initial attempt at a construction loan.

I stopped in Cooperstown to chat with Karen the Kitchen Designer and Jessica our new Bank Hero. Things are mostly finished up on both accounts.

Going to visit with Kelly from Northrups tomorrow in Oneonta. Will stop at Lowe's and Gary the Farm Table guy's on the way back. Making excellent progress this week, and coming back next week with The Husband to finalize as much as we can. Also making our yearly visit to the Otesaga for Thanksgiving brunch—turkey and ALL the trimmings you could ever possibly want.

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