Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dock takes a hike

Where Sophie is standing (first photo) is where the dock was a little over a week ago when I left. I just got back last night, wandered to the creek this morning, and now there's no trace of it. It's probably floating in the lake by now, or maybe on its way to Pennsylvania.

I am going out in search of missing dock. I guess Mother Nature did not like our rearrangement of her land. Called The Cousin, who really did a great job installing it, to tell him it was missing...both he and The Husband refused to believe that it was gone.

Update 2 pm: I made my way through the muck and rushing water to find the dock's new home—about 300 feet from where it started (second photo). At least it's not in the lake or in Pennsylvania. We could actually float it back to where we want it, but I don't know if there's a better way to make it stay there. If the cinder blocks and galvanized pipe couldn't hold it, what will?

Note to self: Buy some boots. Waterproof shoes don't work too well when you're in water up to your knees.

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