Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A loan, slate and vanities

Antique-shopping this past weekend produced no perfect vanities for the upstairs bath, but these are some possibilities that we found. Most are too small and too low, the big bureau is probably a good size but would look too massive in the smallish bathroom.

Jessica the Bank Lady called today to say she thinks everything looks good for the new loan, but she needs a few more papers in order to complete the application. Once we find out for certain that we have the money, I can put in the order for kitchen cabinets and counters, and tell Jim the Builder to start on the garage. He wants to get the slab poured before the really nasty weather comes in.

Camara Slate called to say the slate tiles for the floor are being delivered on Friday. Wish I could be there myself...have to confirm that at least one of the guys will be there to accept delivery. Heading back up on Sunday to stay most of next week. I really thought the excitement would decrease after a few months of watching the house rise from the dirt, but it just gets more interesting every day.

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