Monday, October 12, 2009

The Evening Blue siding arrives

HardiePlank siding arrived today, and the guys made some progress in installing it. It is a definite toss-up between blue and grey, which is exactly what I wanted, an unidentifiable color. With any luck the windows are coming tomorrow. Jim the Builder and Wayne the Well Guy are supposed to take care of business tomorrow as far as getting water out to the new house, and keeping the connection here at The Dump. Then it is up to us to get the propane tank out there to provide heat for the freezing workers. I think it went down to 25° last night, and it is raining out there now, so there is a good chance we will get those snow flurries they have been predicting.

Jesse the Electrician did our walkthrough today, and it looks like we will need more fixtures than I had imagined. I don't really like recessed ceiling fixtures, but in some cases it just makes sense. He also suggested that the electric company, a co-op, might add a mercury light fixture to our existing electric pole for $8 a month. They provide the fixture, maintain it, and pay the bill for that amount. It might be a good way to illuminate the driveway for visitors, or even us pulling in on a dark winter night.

And, Susan, we are leaning heavily toward keeping the garage where it is...for several reasons. Although we fully appreciate your reason for wanting to move it, you will have to come out to convince us (and I know you are reading this!).


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  2. I know it's been a while now but congrats on your flat. Blue and gray are one of the good color combinations for home exterior because they blend well together. And I'm glad that you chose these colors as their neutrality can suit any kind of event or weather.