Sunday, October 18, 2009

Don't wanna go home!

Packing up to go home to a stormy NJ. Hard to do when it is so beautiful here. Sophie was in her usual spot on our bed last night, wondering why we are outside and she is not. The black wire in the foreground will be my DSL connection when we ditch The Dump. You can't see in the photo, but the well is all covered up again so that no one falls in.

I went out to the house and drew my kitchen island on the floor in chalk. Despite some debate over whether there was room for a counter and stools with the island, both the architect and kitchen designer were correct about there being plenty of space. In the photo where I drew the island in blue, I am standing by the front door looking back to the 3 dining room windows. The blue lines to the left are the stairway, to the right is the island. The other photo has the island staked out on the floor, and the kitchen counters drawn (roughly) in blue.

Now that we have windows, it's really starting to look like a house.

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  1. You might not want to come home but we miss our Sophie!!!