Friday, October 23, 2009

All the windows, most of the siding

Windows are all in, and about 3/4 of the siding as well. Propane tanks were delivered today, but only 10 gallons in each until they come out to deliver the rest. Rather than have the 2 big white tanks that you see in the photo, when we finally have a garage and are actually living up here, we can switch to a larger tank and hide it behind the garage.

Karen the Kitchen Designer was out to measure yesterday. The only things holding up the final cabinet order are deciding on a sink and a vent hood for the cooktop. The Kohler cast iron sink I wanted was not to be the best choice for installation, and I couldn't find another cast iron sink in the same size. I wasted a good bit of time web-shopping last night, only to find out that, even in the 25" x 22" relatively small size that I want, all of the ones that I was interested in (copper, stainless steel, fireclay) were too much money.

Then today I did a little more poking around on the internet. I went back to Vermont Soapstone company only to find a soapstone sink, exactly the size I need, for $450. That's more than my original Kohler sink by $125, but less than almost every other sink I found by at least $100. And, since my very first magazine clipping of our favorite kitchen (House Beautiful) has a soapstone counter and farm sink...well I think I have made my decision.

Also talked to Gary the Farm Table Guy today about making us the island. He will send us drawings by the end of next week. And Med the Blacksmith is sending us cabinet hardware samples in the next day or so. Spray foam insulation guys are supposed to come out next week. Front door and sidelight also due next week. French doors will take another week because we are waiting for the Truckload Sale to save a few hundred $$$. Things are moving along quickly, and I am very pleased with the progress. Jim the Builder even came up to The Dump to repair a leak that sprung under the kitchen sink. This place is falling down around me...

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