Friday, October 2, 2009

A Tour of Lester's Flat

Lester was kind enough to take us on a tour of the Flat yesterday, but KatyDaly couldn't find the time to publish it until today. There were about 15 minutes of sunshine this morning, but this whole week has been pretty much chilly and damp.

After some online shopping last week, I found my new oven and dishwasher at the Maytag dealer in Oneonta yesterday. Since my horrendous experience with a Kenmore, and then a Frigidaire refrigerator—two refrigerators that have died several deaths each in The Dump in only 4 years—I am hoping that Maytag gives me a better run for my money.

I was hoping to make more progress than I did with the bank, the Farm Table Guy, and then the kitchen design, but that just didn't happen. I did meet again with Wayne the Well Guy, and I think we worked that out to be done next week while I am in NJ. And I think Jim the Builder and Jesse the Electrician are coming out before I leave today to walk through and figure out an electrical plan.

Also made progress with finding slate floor tiles (in Vermont) and talking to the blacksmith we met last weekend at the artisan fair in Greenwich, NJ—both are sending samples.

Coming back up next Friday with The Husband, for about 10 days, and things should really start happening by then with the windows and siding. Maybe there will still be some color in the trees for him, and I hope, some sunshine!

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