Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's cold in the north country!

We came back up on Monday just in time, literally seconds before a very nasty looking, but not-too-severe storm hit here. The sun was just going down behind the mountains, and I was hypnotized (meaning didn't take photos) by the bright red sky in contrast with the black clouds.

Most of the activity on the house is interior until they get the windows and siding to install. It has been pretty damp and chilly (high of 50° F), cutting down on our trips to the creek and the house, More pics of the house before I leave on Friday, promise. I did find time for a 2-hour walk with Friend Jane and her beagles yesterday. We are supposed to walk again tomorrow, with Lester and Sophie, but I am not so sure that their old bodies would do any better than mine...still aching a bit...too much inactivity lately, sitting in front of this computer screen.

Here's a video of today's walk to the creek. Every single time I walked outside, thinking it was sunny, the rain would start again, as it did here. Dogs didn't seem to mind...

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