Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A lifetime project

Not my best movie directing...it's hard to walk through the big weeds and film at the same time. The guys repaired the dock, and Scott used the big metal monster to move it back to the creek for us. It will be especially handy when it is too cold to walk in the water as we have been doing for the past few months. I think Cousin Greg is going to help us secure this monstrosity to make it actually useful as a bridge. He already mows our "lawn", so now we will really owe him!

What a difference it will be to be able to wander the whole property without getting wet feet. The best part is in the back by the creek, and we have had limited access to it thus far. There are plenty of neglected apple trees over there that we have not even tried to bring back. Next year we need to start blazing some trails in the early spring, when the weeds are just starting to come up. It will be easier to maintain a few trails than to try to mow the whole 22 acres. This will truly be a lifetime project.

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