Friday, September 11, 2009

Good thing I grilled last night

We took our daily walk to the creek this morning, and Lester found his first big turtle, which he barked at and pawed at until the poor thing probably died of fright. I finally got to him to take it away, but the turtle was still shellbound when I left him.

It started raining around noon, and has gotten steadily worse. For tonight's blue plate: last night's grilled chicken with rice and garam masala sauce defrosted from one of my more adventurous meals at home.

I did some wandering food shopping today: raw milk and cheddar from the Amish farm, fresh eggs from Anna's junk store, fresh oatmeal bread and plum preserves from a different Amish farm that Anna told me about, and then the usual less interesting food from the grocery store.

They were painting and installing exterior trim on the house today, but I didn't get any good photos because of the rain. Instead I'll post one from a very hot and sunny day just a few weeks ago...and tonight I had to put the heater on (just for a minute, it was damp and cold in The Dump). Weather changes too fast for me up here!

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